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Northern Lite holds the distinction of producing the ONLY truck campers to achieve a Five Star Rating for over ten years.... RV Consumer Group - www.rv.org

Welcome to Northern Lite Truck Camper Manufacturing

NORTHERN LITE is a BC based International truck camper manufacturer supplying high end, light weight, four season truck campers in over 14 states throughout the USA and 6 provinces across Canada for over 24 years.

4 Seasons
True 4 Season Truck Campers

Our slide-in truck campers can be found throughout dealerships across America as far north as Alaska, as far south as South Texas USA. Internationally we can be found as far west as New South Wales Australia. Our unique designs & meticulous craftsmanship make our line of truck campers sought after internationally.

You will find the Northern Lite truck campers only at the best dealerships in both Canada and the United States. Northern Lite is proud to have the longest structural warranty in the truck camper industry with our 6 year structural warranty program. The design of a Northern Lite camper which is similar to a boat; eliminating the seams which are found on conventional truck campers, makes them lighter in weight by 15-20% and creates a camper with a low center of gravity which is not top heavy like conventional built truck campers.

“Man has never been able to improve on the many wonders of nature which the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)epitomizes. Northern Lite's innovative truck camper design and engineering has resulted in an ultra-light truck camper, structurally laminated & aerodynamically crafted, to give maximum strength and insulation properties available in any modern day truck camper.”

Industry Leading 6 year Structural Warranty

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