Buying a Used Truck Camper.

When looking at buying a used Northern Lite Truck Camper always be sure to measure the camper you are looking at to ensure it will fit your truck. Over the years both the camper dimensions and trucks cab heights, box rail heights and tail gate opening widths have changed.

Always measure from the bottom of the camper to the cab over bed to ensure clearance over your cab. Good rule of thumb is to have 2.5” of clearance over your cab.  Always put your camper on a 3/8” soft rubber bed mat directly under your camper and build a plywood platform to raise the camper if required for the cab height clearance or for  box rail clearance .

Measure the bottom of the camper to the side wing to ensure it will clear the top of your box rails. Good rule of thumb is 1.5” clearance over your box rails. Add plywood platform if required.

Measure the narrowest part of your tail gate opening.  On 2007 and newer GMC/Chev trucks this distance was reduced and many older campers need a 2.5” platform to raise them over the narrow restriction at the bottom of the tailgate opening. There are some older 9-6 camper and older 8-5 campers that will not physically fit on the newer style GM/Chev truck be sure to check before purchasing.

All brand new Northern Lite Campers are designed to fit all trucks Ford, Dodge, GMC and Chev  with only the use of a 3/8” soft rubber bed mat that we recommend under every camper.

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