4 Seasons
True 4 Season Truck Campers

Truck Camper Series

At Northern Lite we have 4 distinct truck camper Series to choose from. Each Series comes with it's own set of options, specifications, features and requirements. Within each of our series we have a variety of models to fit your specific needs be it vehicle related or otherwise.

Special Edition CampersSpecial Edition Series Truck Campers

Our Northern Lite Special  Edition truck camper series comes in 3 different models & sizes. There are 2 long box truck models and one short box model. These models are very popular as they come standard with many features that are optional on other brands of truck campers.  We have found customers prefer to have equipment installed at the factory so these models comes with everything a customer could want on their four season truck camper factory installed.
Special Edition Series Truck Campers

Ten 2000 EX Series CampersNew Ten 2000 EX Series Truck Campers

Our Ten 2000 EX series truck campers are the largest truck campers we build coming in at 10 feet 2 Inches. The truck campers have large heated basements which allows for larger tanks and more storage. The truck campers come equipped with 60 x 80 queen size beds & allot the most headroom of any truck camper on the market. The floor length of these truck campers is 10-2 EX and we have 3 different floor plans with 3 different bathroom designs. This series comes with our largest wet bath or our newly designed dry bath. The 10-2 EX Northern Series four season truck campers are the lightest weight 10-2 truck campers in the market.
Ten 2000 EX Series Truck Campers

Classic Series CampersClassic Series Truck Campers

Our classic series truck campers are the lowest profile heated basement truck campers we offer. In this series we have our 8-11Q Classic for short box pick up trucks and our 9-6 Q Classic for long box trucks. These models come well equipped with larger beds and more storage than our Lite series four season truck campers. Thermal pane windows are standard in the Classic series and they are designed for winter camping.
Classic Series Truck Campers

Sportsman Series CampersSportsman Series Truck Campers

The Sportsman Editions are designed for customers that want a two piece moulded fibreglass four season truck camper but are not looking for all the extra bells and whistles. They come in both a short box version and a long box version and have the same tank sizes and storage of our Classic series truck campers. They comes standard with 3 burner cook tops,   With their standard features they are very easy to carry on ¾ ton trucks as they come in very light with standard features.
Sportsman Series Truck Campers

Lite Series CampersLite Series Truck Campers

The Lite series truck campers are a non- basement slide in four season truck camper with a very low center of gravity. The light weight  design of these models allows them to fit on almost any full size pick up truck. The 8-5Q Lite is designed to work on a short bed (6.5’) bed and the 9-6 Lite is designed to work on an long (8’) truck bed.  This  model comes standard with a bathroom which includes a toilet, sink and fibreglass molded shower. Standard features also include a separate black tank for the toilet, grey tank for the sinks and shower and fresh water tank.
Lite Series Truck Campers

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