Ten 2000 Truck Camper Models

Click to View Listing Details 10'2" Ten 2000 EX CD Long Box Truck Camper

The 10-2 EX CD has a full 14" basement with heated and enclosed tanks and offers a 60x80 queen sized north/south bed and comes standard with our largest wet bath. Camper fittament rating for 3/4 ton equivalent or larger long box pickup trucks. All Northern Lite long bed truck campers have low center of gravities for great handling on your truck. Our truck camper designs will give you better mileage than conventional truck campers.

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Click to View Listing Details 10'2" Ten 2000 EX RR Dry bath Long Bed Truck Camper

We have discontinued the 10-2EXRR model and are now offering a dry bath option in our top selling 10-2EXCDSE. The dinette size and the pantry will stay the same when ordering either the standard wet bath shower or the new dry bath shower.

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